Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleveland Handmade Winner!

Congratulations to Julie C. from Lyndhurst, Ohio! Julie won the first Cleveland Handmade giveaway! Yippee! She won my Ocean Rain Sequin Gift Box Set! I shipped it out yesterday, Julie....the soap is in the mail!

The newest giveaway is posted at Cleveland Handmade. It is a gorgeous pair of earrings from the very talented, smashing.
Hop over to Cleveland Handmade & enter to win!

Monday, May 18, 2009


As a thank you for all our wonderful customers/supporters, the Etsy Cleveland team is starting a special giveaway series. This is a great opportunity to find some wonderful shops new-to-you or get reaquainted with some faves. Go to Cleveland Handmade and simply follow the directions to win the giveaway item. Basically, you take a look at the featured shop and pick a favorite item. Then pick a fave from one of the other team members. Post both of these on the Cleveland Handmade website.You have a chance to win an Ocean Rain Sequin Gift Box Set that I donated. This giveaway is running until Wednesday, May 20 at noon EST. Take a look & GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa - I Miss You!

Today, May 14th, would have been Grandpa's birthday. It's been about six months since we lost him and I am still stuggling with the grief. We were very close. I was the first grandchild and he often called me "the firstest & the bestest." I took a few quick pictures (of framed photos) this morning, so forgive me for how blurry they are...but then again, that's how I am seeing everything today...blurry...through my tears.
Grandpa was a very successful man. He was a cute is that? He started his own dairy and then moved into convenience stores. The biz grew to over 100 stores across NE Ohio. He was a shrewd business man that wasn't afraid to try something new. He had a very loud booming voice that he wasn't afraid to use, either. But, us grandkids knew he was an old softie!
I remember how he had the DJ play a special song that his friend had recorded at my wedding. The entire time we were dancing, he was singing loud & proud! My husband always talks about the time when Grandpa was in his sixties doing cartwheels around their yard one day! He had a great sense of humor. He loved calling all of us by the nicknames he had given us. My nickname was Mosis, not Moses, MO-sis (like sister). I think maybe it was how I said my name, Melissa, when I was little. But he was the only one that ever called me that...and I miss hearing it!

I am grateful that my daughter was able to know him. They had a special relationship as well. She was his Dolly. That was his nickname for her. She only knew him while he was sick. His health started declining right after my wedding. But, Ilana, could always make Grandpa smile. She loved going with him & Grandma to Bob Evans for dinner. Grandpa had a thing for Bob Evans and him & Grandma ate there almost EVERY night for years! Phew, that's a lot of Bob Evans!

I don't really blog here about personal stuff, but felt I needed to today. Besides, Grandpa was one of my biggest supporters. He loved my handmade soap & told anyone who would listen how great it is! I like to think that I got my strong work ethic from him. And as my soap biz has really become successful this past year, I can't help but think it is him watching over me.

Happy Birthday Grandpa...I miss you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cleveland Handmade's Challange:May Flowers

I entered my Lilacs in Bloom soap in this month's challenge for Cleveland Handmade. There are some really great entries! There are choices of jewelry, fine art, clothing, accessories...and SOAP, of course! Click here to vote!

And after you vote...check out the shops of these great Cleveland area artists! Our weather isn't always the best here in Ohio, so we have lots of "indoor" time to perfect our craft!