Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BEER Soap for Father's Day!

Coming up with gift ideas for Father's Day can be a daunting task. We've come up with the perfect solution! BEER SOAP! What? Sounds crazy, you say? Check it out!

And NO, it doesn't smell like beer. Cuz who would want to shower with beer...hmmmm...wait...maybe we shouldn't ask that! Seriously though, as fun an idea of making soap with beer is, there are *reasons* beer is awesome in soap. First of all, think of all that great lather! Hops, a major herbal ingredient in beer, has been long known for it's soothing, healing properties. It is full of amazing amino acids & is great for sensitive skin.

We don't add any additional fragrance to this wonderful soap. Our BEER SOAP substitutes Guinness beer for the majority of water that is normally used in our soap recipe. This very dark beer provides an amazing scent to this soap...it's just kinda hard to describe. It is a very warm, homey, rich smell. It is a perfect for Papa! We also have a BEER SOAP made with Corona!

So, toss Dad a cold one...errr...a cold processed BEER SOAP, that is, and have a Happy Father's Day! And if you really want to edge out your siblings...buy him a whole 6 pack of BEER SOAP!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We were FAMOUS...for a few minutes anyway!

We were on Etsy's front page a few days ago! Did you see us? Didn't we look great! It was so exciting!

That's our Apple Jack Bath Salt Box in the center of the top row!