Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rolling out some seasonal faves!

Woohoo....fall is here! Isn't it just the BEST season? I know it's my favorite. I love wearing a certain sweater around the house, over every outfit, almost daily. It's like a warm hug....ahhhhh! I also love pulling my swing coat & pea coat out from the back of the closet....LOVE them....and miss them in the off-seasons. But, of course, one of the most fun things about fall is getting ready for the holidays. And besides all the excitement at home, the fun is also building in the soap kitchen! It's time to welcome back our autumn/winter limited edition handmade soap in an amazing array of sentimental scents & fun shapes. A few of our seasonal soap scents are now available...with many more coming out in the next week or so. Watch for our tweets to find out when your favorite is back!

So far, we have welcomed back Pumpkin Spice in it's sweet little pumpkin shape:
Pumpkin Spice Handmade Soap
and Bayberry Spice in a classic oak leaf shape:
Bayberry Spice Handmade Soap

Both are perfect for your fall entertaining and gift-giving needs! Of course, you can always keep them all for yourself....we won't tell!

You can find these fall favorites in any of our online shops: Website, Etsy, Artfire or Zibbet