Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Annual Inventory Clearance SALE is on! 50% off EVERYTHING!

We hope everyone had a great holiday! And before we wish you a Happy New Year it's time to sneak in our Annual Inventory Clearance SALE! Everything is 50% off at both of our shops, our Etsy shop and our website. The sale runs from Christmas through New Year's Eve. Don't miss this huge once-a-year sale! I like to call it our "buy it, so I don't have to count it" sale. Essentially, everything is half off to reduce our inventory stock before we have to do our end-of-year count for taxes. The sale ends when the new year arrives!

Handmade Soap - 50% off (sale price $2.38-$2.75)
Lotion Sticks - 50% off (sale price $3)
Body Butter - 50% off (sale price $6-$10)
Linen Water/Sprays - 50% off (sale price $3.50)
Lip Balm - 50% off (sale price $1.50)
Sachets - 50% off (sale price $1.13)
Refresher Oils - 50% off (sale price $4.50-$5.75)
Bath Salts - 50% off (sale price $1.25-$3.50)
Body Powder - 50% off (sale price $3.50)
Soap Petals - 50% off (sale price $4)
Gift Baskets - 50% off (sale price $12.50-$30)

All items are handmade!

Happy New Year!