Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

Both of my sisters are getting married this year. One in August in Columbus, Ohio & the other in November in Chicago. Needless to say, my family is a little bonkers lately! Oh, plus we're all going to my cousin's wedding in Tuscon, AZ shortly. That's a lot of weddings for one year! My daughter & I are going to the bridal shop today to get fitted & pick our choices for the maid of honor/jr bridesmaid dresses. She is almost 9 & is over-the-top excited for such a "big girl" dress!

I am hoping to get back from the bridal shop early enough to get some new lip balm flavors listed in the Etsy shop today. We'll see how it works out! I will post when I get the new lip balm listed. And the soap that is currently curing should be getting close to being ready. I will check on that later today, too!


  1. Have fun with the wedding stuff! I dig Tuscon. I live sort of close by there - there's all sorts of fun stuff in that town.

  2. Thanks! We're trying to cram as much as we can in our short time there!