Thursday, April 2, 2009

'Puter Problems!

Hey all! I've been plagued with computer problems for the last two weeks...ugh! No, it wasn't that conficker thingy...but it was due to a trojan horse. Anyway, I needed to get a new hard drive and reload all the software, etc. etc. Luckily, I had my external back-up drive working so I didn't lose too much data. I probably lost about a month and a half of data entry. Oh well, it could be a lot worse!

My two spring craft shows are over. They went pretty well. One better than the other. I definitely saw a decline in the attendance numbers compared to previous years. Was it due to the economy? dunno. Spring shows are always kinda iffy...ya never know what you will get!

Now that the craft shows are done and the computer is up and running, I really really need to get the photos taken of the new soap scents!

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  1. I love the name of your blog!
    I also had the Trojan problem a few months ago, what a nightmare!!