Monday, September 17, 2012

Preparing for the holiday RUSH

It's that time of year again....time for our little handmade soap business to become a mini factory! Soap bars are flying by like beer bottles on the line in the Laverne & Shirley opening. (did that just totally show my age? or was it the use of the word TOTALLY? LOL!)

We have been making TONS of soap in seasonal scents, special shapes, building inventory of our 'regular' fragrances & restocking scents that we offer in limited quantity. Boy, oh boy, does it smell good in here! All the little soapies are nestled & snug on our curing rack waiting for their time to shine! The photo below is a few years old & shows how we used to have soap curing. Now we have one of those rolling baking racks with a gazillion shelves. It is able to temporarily house TONS & TONS of curing soap....and it's mobile! Thank goodness for that rack, it was one of the best purchases ever. Although, we need to get a second one now.
What else is going on? A few new ideas are currently being worked out. Local craft shows have been booked. Black Friday sales & giveaway details are being planned. In fact, we *just* placed an order for a special FREE giveaway for our Black Friday sale. We're not telling what it is'll have to stay tuned to find out all the details!

Well, I  guess that is all for the update for now. I'll be posting, tweeting & blogging when items become ready for purchase. So....stay tuned for the Gingerbread Man's return announcement!

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